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 Preserved Lemons

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PostSubject: Preserved Lemons   Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:10 pm

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How to Make Preserved Lemons
Apr 13 6:48 am by Williams-Sonoma Editors 3 Comments

A staple in the pantries of the Middle East and North Africa, preserved lemons are a lemon loverís dream! Follow these steps to make your own, then scroll down for ways to use them. Tip: they also make wonderful gifts.

Preserved Lemons

10 firm, slightly underripe lemons, preferably Meyer lemons
12 Tbs. kosher salt
3 cups fresh lemon juice, or as needed

Have ready hot, sterilized jars and their lids.

In a large nonreactive saucepan, bring 3 quarts water to a boil. Meanwhile, scrub each lemon thoroughly under c0ld running water to remove any dirt or wax. Add the lemons to the water, return to a boil and cook until softened, 3 to 4 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside to cool.

Cut each lemon lengthwise into quarters, leaving them attached at the stem end. Gently spread apart the quarters and sprinkle 1 Tbs. salt into the center. Place 1 Tbs. salt in each jar and pack the lemons into the jars. Pour in enough lemon juice to cover the lemons, leaving 1/2 inch of headspace. Seal the jars tightly.

Store the lemons in a cool, dark place for 3 weeks, turning the jars occasionally to distribute the lemon juice and salt evenly. Preserved lemons can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. Makes 2 one-quart jars.


Look for organic, unwaxed lemons, and scrub them thoroughly. Be sure to buy extra lemons for juicing. If Meyer lemons are available, use them for slightly sweeter preserved lemons.


After youíve made preserved lemons, youíll have to hold yourself back from trying to incorporate the bright, tangy peel into every dish you make. Add minced peel to vinaigrettes and marinades, or stir the peel into stews. Tuck preserved lemon quarters into a chicken cavity before roasting it.
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Preserved Lemons
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