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 Fried Onion Pakoras

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PostSubject: Fried Onion Pakoras   Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:36 pm


Pakoras serves as a very good snack and accompaniment for tea, coffee and also as sides for rasam rice, sambar rice and any gravy with rice. Its my idea of comfort food always. And yesterday I was in the edge of wasting leftover batter after making beef 65 ,wasting is something which I hate to the core. So yesterday after making the beef 65 I made some onion pakoras with the leftover batter. It was so crispy and delicious that you will not stop after tasting one. Either you can use the leftover batter if any or you can prepare the batter using the ingredients given here. We usually use besan flour (click here for basic version) to make pakoras/pakodas but here I have used the leftover batter which consisted of corn flour, which made the pakoras light, crispy and more delicious that it just melted in the mouth. Now lets see how to make this recipe.

(Makes 100-150 grams)

Leftover batter from beef 65 recipe - 1/2 cup
Quote :
1. Corn flour - 7 spoons
2. Rice flour - 10 spoons
3. Ginger-Garlic Paste (Prepared from the given ginger and garlic)
4. Red chilli powder - 3 spoons
5. Curry leaves - Few (tear it)
6. Salt - As per taste
7. Lemon juice - From 1 lemon
8. Tomato Ketchup - 1 spoon (Optional)
9. Water - As required

Read more: http://youtoocancookindianfood.blogspot.com/2012/07/beef-65-crispy-beef-fry.html#ixzz23qxbKJKP

Big Onions - 2
Corn flour - 7 spoons
Rice flour - 10 spoons
Ginger - 2 inches long piece
Garlic pods - 4
Red chilli powder - 3 spoons
Curry leaves - A handful
Lemon - 1
Salt - As per taste
Oil - For deep frying


Chop onions lengthwise an set aside. Also peel ginger and garlic and make ginger-garlic paste out of it.
Mix all the above ingredients with little water (except oil) to form a thick batter.
Add the onions in the prepared batter or leftover batter and mix well.
In a pan/wok heat oil and spread the batter unevenly using fingers to get irregular shapes and deep fry them until it turns reddish and crisp.
Remove from oil.
Garnish with fried curry leaves and Serve!!

TIP 1: The batter must be thick not watery. If it turns out watery add some corn flour to make it thick.

TIP 2: Add more curry leaves for better flavor, you can also use coriander leaves if you wish.

TIP 3: Add some fennel seeds and a pinch of asafoetida if you like more flavor.
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Fried Onion Pakoras
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