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 Steel Oat Pucks

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PostSubject: Steel Oat Pucks   Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:59 am


Prepare according to package directions. Let cool slightly. Pour into muffin tins. I did not grease mine, it was not necessary.

It made 6 large pucks and 12 small ones. I had a couple leftover servings in the pan and ate 'em up!

Here is how I placed them in the freezer. A simple cookie sheet in between the pans did the trick.

I froze them solid, then took out of the freezer. I filled my sink with an inch of warm water, let the bottoms of the pan soak in it for a couple minutes, then used a knife at the edge of each puck to pop them out. They came out very easily.

The small muffin pucks were the perfect size for my three lil' muffin girls. They love helping themselves to a frozen oatmeal puck in the morning.

The larger size was perfect for me!

Keep in freezer bags, and pull out when needed. Microwave 2 minutes for large, 1 minute for small. Stir. Heat in additional increments of 30 seconds until heated through. Serve with maple syrup & cinnamon, and whatever toppings you prefer!
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Steel Oat Pucks
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