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 Paper Flower

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PostSubject: Paper Flower   Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:30 pm


The credit for these go to Martha Stewart (I saw this idea nearly 10 years ago in her magazine, but haven't been able to find it on her website). So here I go..

Step 1: Draw a spiral on a 4x4" square sheet of paper
Paper flower tutorial: step 1

Step 2: Cut out spiral along lines you have drawn
Paper flower tutorial: step 2

Step 3: Begin rolling up the spiral from the outside
Paper flower tutorial: step 3

Step 4: Keep on rolling until there's no more left to roll
Paper flower tutorial: step 4

Step 5: You're done!
Paper flower tutorial: done!

I used a slightly heavier weight paper for this one, but you can use normal paper as well. You can use squares of various sizes to have different sized flowers. Besides sticking them on branches, they would be great scattered on the table as well. Heck, you can even make a little bouquet of them. Have fun!


I received so many nice comments on the paper flower wreath that I made, that I was inspired to make more paper flowers. I also saw an amazing inspiration board on The Willows and knew exactly how I wanted to use my paper flowers.

Paper flower tacks - so pretty and delicate. All you need to do is make your paper flowers and glue them onto a thumb tack.

You have to be a little careful pushing them into your bulletin board because the flower is so delicate.

But like all pretty, delicate flowers, they’re worth it.

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Paper Flower
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