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 Poem Script Scarf

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PostSubject: Poem Script Scarf   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:17 pm


Earlier this year, I had my eye on a scarf from We Are Owls. It was cashmere, hand-painted, and gorgeous. But also more than I was willing to shell out for a scarf. But it was still swoon-worthy.

we are owls poem scarf

source: we are owls

Because Iím trapped in way-hotter-than-I-would-like weather in steamy Washington DC, I wanted to focus on cooler times: nights when the slight chill in the air calls for a scarf messily thrown around your neck, but still allows you to look polished. So I decided to make a We Are Owls inspired scarf. Itís really simple, given you have the right tools. I didnít experiment with many supplies, but I was really happy with Tee Juice fabric markers I used on my first try. Hereís what you need to make a Poem Script Scarf:
We Are Owls Poem Script Scard DIY

I told you it was simple, right? Grab a Tee Juice marker (I used the black broad tip version, found on Amazon) and a scarf in the color of your choosing and let your creativity flow.

I chose some phrases out of Shakespeareís Sonnet 47. The Hubs recited this sonnet to me last autumn right before he left for a week for business meetings on the west coast. I picked the lines: ďFor thou not farther than my thoughts canst move/And I am still with them and they with thee/Or, if they sleep, thy picture in my sight.Ē Hereís how mine turned out:

we are owls poem scarf DIY results
A Few Tips

Make sure you lay something underneath the scarf/pashmina. Because of the loose weave of the fabric, the Tee Juice marker will seep through. Try not to move the scarf on your surface once youíve started writing, otherwise the ink will smear.
Practice a few words on a scrap piece of fabric of a similar weave. I didnít do this, so my first words are slightly different from the rest of the poem. Thatís okay, it just adds character. Wink Try different amounts of pressure on the fabric and how much you squeeze the tube. Both produce different results.
Let it dry well, then iron using a cloth over it for several minutes to make the ink permanent.

If you try this, please do send me a link to your final version!
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Poem Script Scarf
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