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 TUTORIAL: Flash/Thumb Drive Case

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PostSubject: TUTORIAL: Flash/Thumb Drive Case   Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:36 am

TUTORIAL: Flash/Thumb Drive Case
Posted on December 23, 2011 | 11 Comments

When you are a sewing-type person, you build cute, little things sometimes. For the people you love. At 5am two days before Christmas. And when you are a blogger, you have to share it.

Here is my version of a case for a flash or thumb drive. Each of the young children is getting one for carrying projects and assignments back and forth to school. The carabiner will attach to the loop on their backpacks. HOPEFULLY that will keep the small technology objects from being lost. Very frequently.



Two fabric scraps 2″x8-1/2″

2″ piece of firm 1/4″ elastic

1-1/4″ d-ring (I had 1″, but if it hadnít been 5am and two days before Christmas, I might have held out for a trip to the store for 1-1/4″. It would be easier to use. And not make puckers at the top of the case.)

Small carabiner

(Scrap of interfacing 2″x8-1/2″. This isnít shown in this tutorial, but if I were to do it again, I would add it.)


1. Lay the two pieces of fabric right sides together. (Attach interfacing to wrong side of one piece at this point, if you are using it.) Lay the piece of elastic between them 1″ from the end that will be the flap. (The picture shows the elastic the right distance from the end. Place it between the fabric before you sew.)

2. Using a 1/4″ seam, sew around the fabric scrap. Reinforce stitching over the piece of elastic. Leave a small opening on one side. Clip corners to reduce bulk when turning.

3. Turn right sides out. Iron down. (Donít melt your elastic.)

4. Turn the end with the elastic in it up 2-1/4″. The elastic band should be on top about 3/4″ from the finished end. Iron and/or pin into place. Top stitch all the way around. Do NOT catch the elastic, but sew under it. Hopefully the picture will help to explain this.

5. Fold up 2-1/2″ of the non-elastic end. This will form your flap and loop for the d-ring.

6. Place the d-ring in the fold and stitch through all layers, reinforcing stitching, 3/8″ from the fold. I used a zipper foot for this.

7. Trim threads. Push the flap under the elastic. Clip your case to the carabiner. Ta-dah!
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TUTORIAL: Flash/Thumb Drive Case
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