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 Junkmail Snowflakes

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PostSubject: Junkmail Snowflakes   Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:20 am

Go to site for picture tutorial

Every snowflake is unique - as proven by science - and it's no different in this case. Once the folding is done, I just kinda go at it haphazard-like, without any real plan or goals (sounds a little like my life...) so every snowflake is a surprise. Yessirree. I am a surprise-lover.

To make snowflakes, here's what I do:

1. I start with a square of colourful junkmail. Christmas-flavoured junkmail is easy to come by at this time of year.
2. I fold my square in half. It's now a rectangle. Now put a crease in the bottom center of that rectangle. See that?
3. From the center crease, I fold the bottom right edge of the rectangle 2/3 to the left across the rectangle. I do it by eye, and just go with it. You see how the shape is now divided into 2 even thirds?
4. Now fold up the left hand side, so it meets the outer right edge.

5. Next I fold the whole thing onto itself again...
6. And chop off the top.
7. Now the serious cutting begins. I start by taking out large chunks. Chunks can be any shape imaginable: triangles, half-circles, long curvy lines, rectangles, you name it. Just make sure you don't completely remove the side edges.
8. Then I go ahead and cut out some medium-size chunks. Any shape you like. Go krayzee.

9. Finish up the cutting phase by carving out tiny pieces.

10. Now for the best part: unfolding. It's magical, isn't it? Oh look at that... So nice!... And the final touch? I finish it off by pressing out the creases with a steamless iron. Rainbow snowflakes baby!

So... I hope I've shed a little light on my snowflake method, Bridgitt. Making these guys is one of my favourite activities this time of year. Thanks for the email, and have fun making it snow!
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Junkmail Snowflakes
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