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 Movement :: for little and big kids

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PostSubject: Movement :: for little and big kids   Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:22 am


What makes a Game great for a young Child
  • Do a game without limitations of space, place or time! A game can be done, with some creativity , everywhere in every kind of situation.
  • A game should give good feelings about oneself. For me - as a kid- this meant knowing how to move around in the space, being aware of my body.
  • I started at birth to create a happy and moving lifestyle for my little girl, f.e. having moving oriented toys; lots of play outdoors; regular times for sleep and food. Creating like this a strong base for well developed motoric skills. (source)
  • Having an adult around that is aware and helps to reduce the potential for emotional and social, as physical injury.
  • A participating adult, showing involvement is the best reward for a kid.
  • Having many safe opportunities to experiment and experience. All children having the chance to have their turns and to try again.
  • Doing the game with playfulness, perfection is absolutely NOT required.
  • Repeat the same games over and over again, it not boring for the kid! The child will be more satisfied every time it's playing the same game, understanding it's rules better.
  • Errors are expected and immediately forgiven!
  • The game should be clear in it's goals and especially attainable for the ages of the child.
  • All children (also children with a handicap, many times they have their special talent to be seen and encouraged) should be able to participate, no elimination anymore.
  • Everyone feeling like a winner. Making understand that loosing is just one side of reality, failure or success we can learn from both. That's what growing from experience is all about. Winning or loosing is by the way an adult-concept. Young children are not aware of this difference yet.
Two GREAT Pinterest Boards on Movement and Children are:

Gill Conell's 'Moving Smart' with over 400 ideas and lovely games!
My 'Active children in Movement' board.

10 movement games
  1. Balloons filled with helium
    Three different lengths of cords attached
    Try to catch them, jumping, stretching your body up!
  2. Do Play journey's with Toddlers
    Bring them into the "forest"
    (of red ridinghood)
    Going under a bridge
    Sliding down the hill
    Listen to the birds in silence
  3. Pretend to be animals with these easy yoga exercises!
    More info on my post "Child Play Yoga", don't skip the video inside it's so sweet!
  4. Go on the level of the children, interact with them.
    Sing a song that makes a "catch" in the end.
    The kids will be so excited to play
    with you!
  5. Playing Peek a Boo is a game that requires a lot of courage for certain children. It may cause some adrenaline and that's why I categorized it into 'Movement Games'. I've made a peek a boo song that is very suitable for little children. Listen to itHere.
  6. This is a game to do in couples (it's funny!):
    explain the game
    Explain the body parts you will mention
    play some music
    Stop the music, mention a body part
    The children touch each other with that body part
  7. Do 'The Wheels of the Bus' in a interactive way. Click HERE to see how!
  8. Do this cool pirate game!
    Let the children free dance to music
    Stop the music
    Take Positions:
    PIrate (see picture);
    Swimming (on the floor);
    Captain (salute)
    See the video!
  9. Growing from small to BIG, see this cute video:
    pretending to be balloons; flowerbulbs; trees

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Movement :: for little and big kids
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