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 Rusting Paper?

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PostSubject: Rusting Paper?   Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:05 pm

An Experiment in Rust
It's no secret I love old, imperfect rusty treasures.
Of course, most people would refer to my treasures as junk!

There are many tutorials on how to speed up the rusting process on metals containing iron and they definitely work great.

But what about plastic, wood, paper and,
well, basically any surface? Can they be rusted?

Believe it or not, they can!
Not faux rust. Actual rust!

These pieces are made of plastic.

Modern Masters Iron Paint actually contains iron and once you paint it on your piece it can rust naturally over time or you can instantly create rust with the Modern Masters Rust Activator.

I decided to experiment with several
different types of materials and objects.

canvas and paper
(I embellished the canvas with fiber ribbon and the paper with lace.)

fabrics and lace



and a few other assorted materials
(cork, wood, shell & a blob of cured resin)

I painted each object with the iron paint and let them dry completely.
(I covered some pieces completely and spot painted a few.)

Then I brushed the activator over each piece. After five minutes I applied another coat of the activator. Within a few minutes the rust began appearing and after awhile this is what I had.

The aqua fabric that I spot painted turned out kinda cool.

I loved the effect on the canvas and paper.

And the resin blob is pretty interesting. A larger blob might look cool with a vintage photo showing through the back...hmmm....must remember that idea!

Since I will most likely be incorporating these objects into jewelry I thought it would be best to seal the finish with Renaissance wax.

And since I was just experimenting anyway, I decided to
rub a few of the rusty objects with some Gilders Paste
to add even more interest to the patina.

I definitely had fun with this experiment and will be doing more.

I also purchased the Modern Masters Bronze Paint Effect but didn't realize that it takes a different activator so I will need to get some of the correct activator before I can experiment with it.
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Rusting Paper?
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