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 Grinch Punch

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PostSubject: Grinch Punch   Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:28 pm

Fun for the Kids on Christmas Eve - Grinch Punch with Sprite and Lime sherbet and Green Sprinkles/sugar rim. this would be fun the night we watch the movie /or read the book!


When I saw the recipe idea for Grinch Punch on Pinterest I knew I had to try it. I mean, who wouldn’t get a kick out of serving up a frothing green drink at a party and naming after that despicable, yet beloved, Dr. Seuss character?! I tried my hand at it the other day, serving it to my family post a screening of the Grinch. I decided to serve it up in little drink glasses like an ice cream soda. You can see the result above — fun and freaky all at once — a delightful Christmas treat!

Grinch Punch for a Christmas Party!

Green soda (I used Jones Green Apple Soda)
Vanilla ice cream
Green sprinkles

Rim the edges of your glasses with green sugar sprinkles. In a large bowl loosely stir together the vanilla ice cream and soda. Use 1 scoop of ice cream per one 12-ounce glass jar of soda. Pour into rimmed drink glasses and serve!
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Grinch Punch
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