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 Science :: Mad Bubble Scientest

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PostSubject: Science :: Mad Bubble Scientest   Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:23 am


As we were exiting Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh after a fun couple of hours of play, I picked up a Marbles Action Card from the stand by the information desk. Although we had been to the museum multiple times, we had never noticed the cards before.

Here’s a description of the cards from the Marbles’ website: “In the car, at the grocery store, on a road trip ... Marbles Action Cards are great for kids on the go! Take Marbles home. Each action card is based on one of Marbles core initiatives and provides families with a fun, clever activity to try. Grab action cards on your way out of the museum and collect them all.”

I stuck the card in my purse and, honestly, I forgot all about it until one rainy afternoon when my 3- and 4-year-old desperately NEEDED something to do. I pulled the card out and was thrilled that the activity was super simple, yet looked really fun! The card was Action Card No. 12 titled, “Mad Bubble Scientist.”

Materials Needed:

Dishwashing Liquid

All we had to do was mix together ¼ cup dishwashing liquid and 1 cup water in a bowl to create a bubble solution. Next we dipped a cloth into the bowl and wiped it across a table. The kids then dipped the end of their straws into the bubble solution, put the end of the straw onto the wet table, and blew gently. Bubbles! And then not just bubbles, but BIG bubbles, followed by really ENORMOUS bubbles!

Before long, the kids had figured out not only to blow huge bubbles, but how to blow multiple bubbles in a group, how to stick the straw or their finger into the bubbles without popping them, and even how to blow bubbles inside of bubbles! We experimented for quite awhile, and when Dad got home from work, of course, we had to demonstrate for him, too! It was fun for the whole family, and a perfect boredom buster for an afternoon we were stuck in the house.

The Marbles Action Card actually goes on to suggest adding 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, sugar, honey, corn syrup, food coloring, or salt to the bubble solution for further experimentation. We had so much fun with the original idea, we didn’t attempt any variations, but you can bet the next time we need an activity I’ll be pulling out that card again. I’ll also be sure to pick up another action card the next time we’re at Marbles! Come on, rainy days; I’m ready for you!!

Marbles has a series of 20 Action Cards in rotation as you exit the museum by the Info Desk. There are additional cards available on Marbles' website.
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Science :: Mad Bubble Scientest
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