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 Homemade Ornaments

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PostSubject: Homemade Ornaments   Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:32 am


Domino Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I learned something new from my stamping sister, Kim! She allowed me to photograph her showing me how to make these cool ornaments. My other stamping sister, Roberta, came up with this design and shared with all. Thanks Roberta and Kim!

Take a regular Domino and turn it over on the blank side. Using Staz-On ink, stamp your image onto the domino. When you use this cute snowman form Holiday Tag Team, he won't fit. But what you can get on the domino looks very cute.

Let the image dry and color in with Sharpie markers or Stampin' Up! Journalers.

Heat set with the heat tool. This will keep everything from running when we add Crystal Effects later in this tutorial.

Place Sticky Strip around the outside edge of the domino.

Fold a 16" piece of Gingham ribbon in half. At the half point, wrap your domino so that there is two "tails" of ribbon left at the top.

See how the ribbon makes a hanger for your ornament? Isn't it cute? We are not done yet, though.

Using a small piece of ribbon, tie a bow at the top of the ornament. Make sure to tie a knot into the hanger piece of ribbon, also.

Optional: Coat your image with Crystal Effects. It gives your snowman a glossy look. He kinda stands out now.

Here is the completed project held by Sister Kim! Everyone will love these ornaments because they are so easy to make. Remember that Trash to Treasure thing I was talking about earlier? Here is another good example of taking something and turning it into something awesome!
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Homemade Ornaments
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