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 Cassis-raspberry jam

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PostSubject: Cassis-raspberry jam   Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:18 am


Cassis-raspberry jam

And as you go packed years in the jars? Wink With the enormous drawbacks of this and no other weather in July this year, I found one plus - all the hours of stoning, odszypułkowanie, mixing, pouring and pasteurising, in the cozy kitchen seems to be quite pleasant when outside my window it's cloudy and rainy Smile

A simple currant jelly is a great base for (unknown word) preserves. This time I combined currant with raspberries, but any other berries would fit well here, and black currants, blueberries and blackberries in addition to jars probably would create interesting color compositions Smile

For me, for now monochrome, with a few exceptions in the form of solar (sic.! ) yellow raspberries. Cassis-raspberry jam:

1 kg of red currants,
some 50 ounces raspberries,
1 kg of sugar,
a piece of cinnamon bark,
1 stick of vanilla,
50 ml vodka (preferably fruit)

add washed currants into a flat pan, add 120 ml of water and boil. When the fruits begin to fall apart, rub and push through a fine sieve. Pour the juice back into the pot, add the sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, bring to a boil. Let stand for a few minutes and bring to the boil again.

Repeat this step for 2-3 times until the juice thickens and starts to gel (best to do a test by pouring a little jelly on a cold plate).

Add raspberries and cook on high heat for 4 minutes. Remove Pot from the heat, remove the cinnamon bark and vanilla pod. Add vodka, stir and fill with hot jam jars roasted.
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Cassis-raspberry jam
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