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 Baby Chest Rub

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Baby Chest Rub Empty
PostSubject: Baby Chest Rub   Baby Chest Rub EmptyMon Mar 18, 2013 11:22 am


Below is a “home remedy” that serves as a natural replacement for Baby Vick’s /Vapo-Rub. Right now, on amazon, you can get it for $4.79 for just under 2oz. (that’s without shipping). I’m sure prices will vary across the nation (and world, for those of you reading this on the other side of the Pond), but let’s assume its within the $4 range. My recipe below costs approximately $0.50, but many of the ingredients come in large enough quantities, that I could make jars upon jars of this for a fraction of what the store-bought version costs. Plus, I know that I am not smearing petrolatum (source) on my developing child. In and of itself, petrolatum is not dangerous, but if it is refined cheaply and not high-grade it contains PAHs, which is a carcinogen and is banned in the EU and Canada. (source, from the Environmental Working Group)


That’s why I like to make my own…

So here is an easy recipe to substitute for the drug-store version. (side note, I’m sure I found this online somewhere, so if you have this particular recipe on your blog, I would love to give you credit for it, so please comment below with your link!)

Homemade Chest Rub for Babies

2oz (1/4 c.) of oil (I prefer to have a Vick’s-like consistency, so I use coconut oil with just a few drops of olive oil to soften it. Coconut oil is solid when cool, but has a melting point of 76′F, so if you are storing it someplace warm, just wanted to give you a heads-up!)

5 drops of eucalyptus oil

3 drops of peppermint oil

1-2 drops of lavender (optional)

-mix thoroughly and store in a small jar. Depending on the age of your child, you can adjust the essential oils and increase the strength, but do not go any higher than this for infants without first researching. Essential oils are VERY strong and a little goes a long way. If your child’s cough/congestion is especially tight and you’d like to increase the effectiveness, start by adding more eucalyptus oil, in 2-drop increments, until you’ve reached your desired strength.
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Baby Chest Rub
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