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 Paprika Chicken

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PostSubject: Paprika Chicken   Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:24 pm

Slow cooker paprika chicken is such a time saver. Prepare and turn it on in the morning, and when you walk in the door, just cook some vegetables or open a bag of salad. What could be easier or cheaper than that? Save the leftovers for lunch tomorrow or a stir fry for dinner.

Put the chicken on in the morning (or even by lunchtime if you’re running late) and leave it alone to produce a tender, moist chicken. The paprika rub gives a lovely flavour throughout the meat. The juices that collect at the bottom of the slow cooker dish can be made into a gravy or used as chicken stock. The meat won’t even need carving, it will simply fall from the bones.

UPDATE :: Try cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker with different herbs and spices for your ‘rub’. Maybe lemon zest, rosemary and a quartered lemon inside the cavity.

To help plan all your low carb meals, take a look at my recipe search and choose your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks and drinks.
10 mins
6 hours
6 hours 10 mins

Using your slow cooker, has to be the easiest way to cook a whole chicken.
Author: Libby
Recipe type: Dinners
Cuisine: Low carb; Gluten free; Paleo; Primal; Grain free; Sugar free; Banting; LCHF;
Serves: 6
1 free range whole chicken
1 tbs olive oil
1 tbs dried paprika
1 tbs curry powder
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp salt

Mix the spices, oil and salt in a small cup.
Oil the inside of the slow cooker, place the whole chicken inside.
Pat the chicken dry with kitchen paper. This allows the spice mixture to stick to the chicken.
Spoon the spice mixture all over the whole chicken.
Turn the slow cooker on to LOW for 6-8 hours of HIGH for 4-6 hours. All slow cookers vary, so please check the instructions that come with your slow cooker.
Always test the chicken at its thickest part to confirm it is thoroughly cooked. I push a skewer into the breast and drumstick, to make sure the liquid that drains off is clear.
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Paprika Chicken
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