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 Homemade pizza

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PostSubject: Homemade pizza   Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:06 am

Homemade pizza
2 c. flour
t. seasoning salt
c. olive oil
2 t. dry yeast
1 c. plus warm water
Mix dry yeast and 1 c. warm water. While softening, mix other ingredients in medium bowl. Add softened yeast and enough warm water to make a soft, but not tacky, ball of dough. Work dough with hands, greased with a small bit of olive oil until elastic, then set aside in bowl, covered, for half an hour to rise. Oil baking pan with liberal olive oil, press out dough with hands. Prick dough with fork every few inches to avoid bubbles. Bake at 350 degrees until just barely done. It will not be browned but will lift easily from pan when picked up with a fork at corner.
1 c. thick tomato sauce
1 t. brown sugar
1 T. rehydrated green peppers
1 T. dry onion
c. chopped olives
c. sausage TVPs
1 t. oregano
t. garlic powder
t. basil
1 c. mozzarella or c. dried grated parmesan cheese
Spread tomato sauce evenly on baked crust and sprinkle brown sugar, green peppers, olives, and spices on top. Top with cheese. Bake until cheese is barely golden brown and bubbly. This is yummy, and it is much in demand at our house. As a bonus, there are many variations including making a double batch of crust, using the second dough to be formed as bread sticks, which can be brushed with tomato sauce, herbs, and sprinkled with cheese and baked at the same time as the pizza. The bread sticks, dipped in a warm herbed tomato sauce, make a great addition to the steaming pizza.[u]
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Homemade pizza
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