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 Crepe Paper Carrots

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PostSubject: Crepe Paper Carrots   Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:09 am

Love your vegetables! Made of wrapped paper streamers, these adorable little bundles are a twist on the crepe-paper surprise ball. As you unwind the paper, you find the trinkets -- jewelry, a novelty, a toy. It's simple to grow a basketful and customize them for guests of any age. Display them as a centerpiece or leave them by the door as favors.

Tools and Materials

Leaf template
Crepe streamers, in Apricot, Golden Yellow, and Orange, partycheap.com
Green crepe paper, in Leaf Green, blumchen.com
Hot-glue gun
Assorted small gifts

Crepe Paper Carrots How-To

1. Loosely wrap orange streamer to form carrot shape, making it thicker at top. Tuck in gifts as you work. Press end of paper down into top.

2. Fold green crepe paper in half across its grain. Download leaf template, and trace onto folded paper. Cut out; bunch up. Tuck leaves into carrot top; secure with dab of hot glue.

http://images.marthastewart.com/images/content/web/pdfs/2011Q2/msl_0411_carrots.pdf (leaf template)
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Crepe Paper Carrots
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