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 Making a pet collar

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PostSubject: Making a pet collar   Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:21 am


This pet collar is so quick and easy that you can make a bunch of them for all seasons and occasions. I'll show you some tips on sewing with webbing, too.


1-inch webbing—1 yard for medium–large dogs, 1/2 yard for small–medium dogs
3/8-inch-wide decorative ribbon in the same amount as the webbing
One reflective parachute snap
Cotton thread in the same color as the decorative ribbon

Measure around your pet's neck and add 6 inches, then cut a piece of webbing and ribbon to that length. Center the decorative ribbon on top of the webbing. Stitch along both sides of the ribbon about 1/8 inch away from the edges of the ribbon.

Stitch about 1/8 inch from the edge of the ribbon.

To keep the ends of the webbing and decorative ribbon from fraying, light a candle and gently draw the end of the webbing over the flame. This will melt the webbing and keep it from unravelling!

To keep the webbing and ribbon from fraying, slowly draw the end of the webbing over the flame of a candle.

Put the ends of the webbing on the snaps as directed. Fold the webbing over 3 inches on each end. Sew across the bottom to keep in place, making sure to backstitch. Directly above this seam, sew a square, then inside the square sew an X. This will keep the end of the collar secure and very strong. Do this step for both ends of the collar.

Put one end of the snap on the webbing and fold over 3 inches. Sew a square, then an X in the square to secure the end of the collar in place.

The reflective piece on this parachute snap is a great safety feature!
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Making a pet collar
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