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 Nielsen/Jeppesen 1808 - 1874

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Nielsen/Jeppesen 1808 - 1874 Empty
PostSubject: Nielsen/Jeppesen 1808 - 1874   Nielsen/Jeppesen 1808 - 1874 EmptyThu Mar 29, 2012 2:28 pm

* Lars Nielsen B. 8 Feb 1808, Rye D. 7 Dec 1874, Rye
Son of Niel Larsen and Karen Pedersen

Occupation: Farmer
He was a tall, lankey, cruel and mean miser. All that he earned he put into a clock. He lived to be 92 (???) and died of natural causes. Upon his death $20,000 was found hidden in a clock, all in small change.

Married Karen Sophie Jeppesen B. 23 April 1810, Ejby D. 14 Nov 1860, Rye
Daughter of Jeppe Andersen and Johanne Sorensen

Child: Karen Marie Larsen 1844 (who married Ole Bronniche)

*Needs Verification. Info from lore from great granddaughter who stated that Lars name was Lars Larsen, but she is also the one who filled in the ancester chart with his father being Niels Larsen.

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Nielsen/Jeppesen 1808 - 1874
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