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 Math :: Math Games

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PostSubject: Math :: Math Games   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:49 am

  • Mathino is a game that can be played with an ordinary pack of cards. It's based on a common card game, Cassino, that already is good for kids learning arithmetic. Good for grades 1 to 3, maybe even 4!
  • Traveling with kids aged 10 to 99? Take along this Math Card Game and keep them up to speed on their arithmetic! Good for grade 4 and up.
  • In one famous puzzle you must make as many numbers as you canusing only the given four digits and the basic arithmetic operations. I've worked out which sets of four digits make this puzzle the most interesting, and provided worksheets on this page. Good for grades four and up.
  • This Math Board Game will ensure kids get a lot of mental arithmetic practice! Good for grade 4 and up. This site also has a Times Table Board Game
  • Math Line Web Game (Like Zuma)
  • Number Maze
  • Math Architect AND Math Archetict Online

More: http://www.dr-mikes-math-games-for-kids.com/home-school-resources.html
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Math :: Math Games
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